CNC technology for small lot milling & turning.  The way your people work!

Introducing the new RMX CNC Control

RMX CNC Control amazing new features include:

Touchscreen for an extraordinary user experience that will keep you working fast.

Powerful features for Manual Milling.

Flyout Windows for instant access to the Tool Table, Status, Calculators and more!

Enhanced ProtoTRAK Assistance - instructions at your fingertips.

Custom Defaults teach the ProtoTRAK RMX your machining style.

Powerful solid model graphics for optional Verify and Parasolid converters.

Auto Geometry Engine software to calculate missing data for you as you program.


  • ProtoTRAK RMX CNC integrated into the machine at the factory
  • 5 hp continuous spindle motor
  • Standard Electronic Handwheels with selectable fine/coarse handwheel resolution
  • CAT 40 / NMTB 40 / BT 40 spindle taper and almost 4″ quill diameter
  • 40″ x 20″ X and Y travels
  • Solid ram moves along the column providing mass for heavy cuts
  • Generous Z-axis CNC travel
  • Strong and rigid
  • Efficient for any job: manual, 2-axis CNC or 3-axis CNC
  • Standard electronic head for programmable spindle speeds and tapping
  • Precision ground ballscrews installed in the table, saddle and column
  • Manual quill with integrated quill and ram encoders
  • Wide way surfaces are hardened and ground, slideways are Turcite®coated
  • Real hand-wheels so you can work manually


Our largest lathe combines capacity, rigidity and the versatility of the ProtoTRAK SLX CNC

  • 24” swing, 70” between centers
  • Generous 4.09” spindle through hole
  • 15 HP continuous spindle motor
  • Geared head for good performance at low speeds
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • High (aluminum) and low (steel) speed range settings
  • Manual or CNC operation
  • Electronic hand wheels and jogstick
  • Inverter-duty spindle drive
  • Programmable spindle speeds
  • Optional Constant Surface Speed (CSS) Programming
  • Optional Inch Per Revolution (IPR) Programming
  • Optional TRAKing for manual control of CNC programs
  • Optional Indexer for automatic tool changes