Premier CNC Service

Premier Engineering has a full fledged Service Team capable of maintaining the health of your CNC Equipment.  Our team is made up of seven Full Time Service Engineers located throughout Georgia and South Carolina.  We take pride in our work, and get to the root of an issue, to make sure your machines are busy making good parts.

Premier Engineering's Service Team is connected to Mazak's Technical Support.  We have the right tools and procedures at our fingertips.  Our team is made up of Factory Trained Service Engineers with over 130+ Years of Experience.


Preventative maintenance

The key to ensuring the longevity of your equipment is Preventative Maintenance.  It's a dirty job, but we're not afraid doing what it takes to get the job done!  Our PM Techs are trained to not leave any details overlooked.

Common PM Service Points Covered:

  • Check Headstock Alignment.
  • Check Sub-spindle Alignment (where applicable).
  • Check Tool Changer/Turret Alignment (where applicable).
  • Check Back Lash in balls crews and adjust if necessary.
  • Adjust belts, replace if required and check lubrication (customer to supply belts).
  • Remove way covers to clean and check lubrication of ball screw, and linear guides.  Remove any chip buildup if it has occurred.
  • Visual & Audio inspection on Tool Changer, Sound of Spindle, Ball Screws, and Thrust bearings on Axis drives.
  • Inspect and adjust if necessary, tool clamp and unclamp stroke.
  • Grease conveyors.
  • Check all oil levels.
  • Change hydraulic fluid (once/year, customer to supply oil and dispose of oil).
  • Clean/replace all filters & batteries yearly (customer to supply filters).
  • PM will be performed as per OEM's recommend annual maintenance.


Premier has a large collection of Service Tools available to our Service Engineers.  We are able to get the right tools quickly to minimize your down-time.  Here is a list of our current tools, we are always adding more to our arsenal:

  • CAT40 Test Bar
  • CAT 40 Alignment Set
  • CAT50 Test Bar
  • CAT50 Alignment Set
  • Modified VDI40 Test Bar
  • Modified VDI50 Test Bar
  • Capto C6 Test Bar
  • KM63 Test Bar
  • KM63 Alignment Set
  • Draw Bar Clamp Force Gage
  • Ceramic Square
  • Micro Disk
  • Renishaw QC20 Ball Bar



Programming & operator training

Premier Engineering offers In-House Training.  Let our Application Engineer visit your facility to train your employees on practical parts and equipment.  


Mazak Corporation in Suwanee, GA also offers training in a classroom setting.  This training is FREE for the first 3-years of your new Mazak CNC Machine.  To look at what courses are currently on the schedule, please visit Mazak USA's website: Mazak Class Schedule